Aircraft Engineering and Research Technologies


The formation of Aircraft Engineering and Research Technologies LLP, abbreviated as AER Tech (read ‘air-tech’) is a story of passion, love, adventure and a few young men who are always prepared to not take ‘no’ for an answer. Ever. It’s a story every young mind, bubbling with innovative ideas can relate to. It’s a story, every bright young engineer with a desire to shift the future, can relate to.

So we began as naïve, ignorant, bright engineering students. All in love with aircraft. Unafraid. With the ‘bring-it-on’ attitude. And we told each other, “We are done making small projects. Its time to go big.” In our third year of engineering we started with our first aircraft project which was also one of the largest projects of the University of Pune. It involved our interaction with people from seven countries, spanning three continents, working with the countries most premier laboratories and presenting our aircraft at the Fort Benning US Army Base in Columbus, Georgia. That is when our passion told us ‘you’re now ready to go independent’ and AER Tech was born.

Ever since then we have been looking to seek problems out and work on their solutions. To take challenges head on. To not stop. To not stop at all. Because we believe that it’s not over until we win. And if you believe in yourself, that you are a person who is destined to change the way we look at the world, who is constantly looking to optimize, innovate and improvise, we want you on our projects! This one and all the future ones. We don’t really care about your transcripts, we don’t really care about what you have done. We want to know what you can become. We want to know that you believe. That you are ready to take the ‘red pill’. So if you think that you are The One, take a deep breath and enter The Matrix!