As we move closer and closer to a sustainable hydrogen economy, there is a need for combined effort to bring hydrogen technologies to the world. Institutes, universities, research centers, organizations and individuals to plough together and bring the power of Hydrogen to aviation.

Every single organization and every single person is a stakeholder in a future world where energy security is no longer a challenge and climate change is no longer a concern. Many collaborations and joint ventures are being formed across the globe by organizations both big and small to bring about this Hydrogen revolution.

The AER Tech Hydrogen Aircraft Consortium is a slightly and yet powerfully different idea. We want organizations and individuals to open up to sharing their expertise, resources and knowledge for the common good, creating a future aviation that we will all benefit from.

AER Tech knows, better than most, that to calculate return on investment on an experimental project such as “Urja” is rather tricky. Which is why we stopped calculating! Remarkably enough, we were not the only ones wo thought this way!

Universities, organizations, individuals and government departments have understood, appreciated and have willingly participated in the consortium contributing in any way they could. Some help with their knowledge and experience, some with their laboratories, some with their manpower and some with simply their love and support! Our structure is not rigid and there are no have-to’s but only want-to’s!

Our primary research partners are The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India. With support from many organizations spanning various countries and industry sectors from manufacturing to IT. Every organization and individual is helping “Urja” take shape in their own unique way and we welcome you to be a part of this brave endeavor.

To know more about the AER Tech Hydrogen Aircraft Consortium or to become a part of it, please write to us by clicking ‘here‘.